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Exotic Reads - Bibliotheca Exotica

Welcome to Bibliotheca Exotica, a private historical library that houses over 13,500 unique works in Arabic, Latin, English, and Chinese. My collection is a treasure trove of knowledge and understanding, spanning from ancient to medieval history.

As a specialized private digital library, Bibliotheca Exotica not only stores these precious works but also offers a range of services for those who are passionate about history. My services include translation, composition, illustration, authorship, and private publishing of historical non-fiction books (basically, doing what I do for myself when I have spare time).

I understand the importance of preserving historical knowledge and making it accessible to those who are interested, and so, I am fully dedicated to ensuring that these valuable works are properly digitally curated, translated, and (in most cases) illustrated vividly.

Whether you are a historian, researcher, or simply someone with a love for history, Bibliotheca Exotica is the perfect destination to discover and explore the past. Come and visit us, and let us help you journey through time.